Book Review: Bird Box

“…It is better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces.”


Bird Box by Josh Malerman


Imagine a world where you couldn’t look outside. A world where one look at a mind-bending unknown creature would drive you completely insane. This is the world we find Malorie surviving in. Five years after these creatures have invaded our world she is living in an abandoned house with her two children. But Malorie is determined to find them a better life. She takes the risk and embarks on a blindfolded journey down the river behind the house, hoping to find a safer home. We follow Malorie through this harrowing journey and learn about her past and the people she had first survived with.

I happen to be reading a lot of dystopian type novels lately and I’ve been really enjoying them. Bird Box is no exception. I am a huge fan of psychological horror and thrillers and the fear of the unknown that Malerman toys with is so much fun. Trying to conjure a creature in your head that is to complex for our minds to handle is terrifying in the best way! His writing flowed wonderfully and the short chapters made reading this book a breeze. I read over half of it in one sitting and quickly finished it the next chance I got!

I liked how the chapters jumped between past and present. It really kept my interest peaked in each timeline, and it kept the suspense very high. I personally feel like I related to Malorie’s thought process throughout the book. Her constant anxious worrying about everything that could go wrong is very similar to how my brain works when my anxiety is at its worst. This almost made things even scarier for me because I felt her anxiety as if it were my own. If you love unique dystopian novels or are looking for a quick read that will keep your mind racing with fear and suspense, Bird Box is for you. Highly recommended for any fan of horror and suspense!!

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