Book Review: The Drawing of the Three

“He walked out of nowhere toward nowhere, a man from another time who, it seemed, had reached a point of pointless ending.”

drawing o3

The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King


Drawing of the Three is the second volume in King’s epic series, The Dark Tower. We pick back up just hours after the ending of The Gunslinger. Roland awakes on a desolate beach to find terrifying creatures he calls ‘Lobstrosities’ but with the Tower in mind, he continues on. He finds three doors that lead him on along the path of his destiny, as he draws his Ka-tet into his world.

Part two of the Dark Tower series takes you a step deeper into Roland’s world than The Gunslinger did. We get to see more of this world that has ‘moved on’, and the harsh landscape left behind. We are also introduced to two other main characters in the series, Eddie Dean and Odetta Holmes. King introduces two, very different characters that are both vulnerable and broken. But as their paths cross with Roland their lives are turned upside down. Leaving them with so much potential for growth that you can’t help but fall in love with them along the way.

Maybe this book isn’t as enthralling as some of the other Dark Tower books but it is amazing in its own right, and an essential piece to the greater whole of the series. Its character building is beautifully done by King. He really makes you want to keep reading and see where these characters go, and how Roland’s relationship with them develops along the way. Another part of this book I love is how King describes our world through Roland’s eyes. As he sees the negative consequences of the overabundance of resources in our world, it really makes you take a step back and look at our society, and how it would look to an outsider like Roland.

This installment of the series was so enjoyable for the second time, just as The Gunslinger was. This one was a bit more emotional. Seeing the start of their journey, and once again meeting characters that I’ve already grown to love so much was a delightful experience. It was almost overwhelming knowing the weight of the journey that lies ahead of them, yet so exciting! Now that Roland is no longer alone, his journey really picks up… and the Tower is closer than ever.

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