Book Review: The Gunslinger

I’m so happy to finally be starting my blog! Since my page is inspired so much from The Dark Tower, what better way to start out than with some Dark Tower reviews. I’m looking forward to posting all my reviews here as well as creating other fun blog posts. Enjoy! 

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed.”

gunlsinger pic

I have to start by saying this is my second read-through of The Dark Tower series. My second journey to the Tower is somehow even more enjoyable than the first. I’m thrilled I waited until my second read through to properly review the series, especially The Gunslinger! Confusing parts made so much more sense, and there are so many hints and subtle clues to what happens later in the series.

Of course, I had to choose the most legendary opening line as my leading quote. Starting this book felt like coming home and reuniting with old friends. I must admit, a lot of this review will be heavily biased due to my undying love for this series. I remember starting The Gunslinger for the first time feeling extremely curious and excited. I was confused by some of the lingo, the places, and the people who meant nothing to me at the time, but I kept on. Things got so intriguing and the next thing I knew I was rooting for Roland and Jake to catch the Man in Black and then physically needing to pick up The Drawing of the Three.

For first time readers of The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger can be a bit confusing. We are following Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger, as he chases his sworn enemy The Man in Black across the bleak hardpan of the desert. With references to the Manni folk, the Taheen, and a number of strange places, it is hard to follow Roland’s strange world. But just hold tight first-time ‘Tower-goers’ (yes I just made that up), all will be explained in time!

As Roland follows his enemy, we learn a lot about the gunslinger. He meets some people along the way and his interactions with them tell us a lot of his skills, how he interacts with others, and some of his flaws. As Roland continues he meets Jake Chambers, a young boy from our world that ‘wakes up’ in Roland’s world and ends up on his path. The story continues as Roland starts to care for Jake and he accompanies Roland along his pursuit of The Man in Black. The rest of the book tells of their difficult journey through the desert and under the terrifying depths of the mountains. Roland ends this first chapter of his journey with an out of this world experience that will blow your mind, leave you questioning what happens next, and wonder what lies in this Tower that Roland seems to sacrifice everything for.

The first time I read this it was very enticing and left me itching to learn more about Roland, his world, and this adventure to the tower. Reading it the second time around was pure magic. Knowing what every detail meant and picking up on all the hints King sprinkles throughout the story is amazing. This series is one of the most epic fantasies of all time and this series truly showcases the best of King’s storytelling skills. It is a must read!

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