Book Review: The Passage

“She was a ripple in the mind of the Many, a tear in the fabric of night.”


The Passage by Justin Cronin


Justin Cronin did an outstanding job bringing us this refreshing apocalyptic vampire story. We are first introduced to Amy Bellafonte, a very ordinary girl who turns out to become the most important person on the planet. Soon enough we are exposed to peculiar military communications regarding top-secret research, and we learn that the first stages of ‘Project Noah’ have begun. Before you know it the undercover project is no longer contained. The test subjects have escaped. And the world is changed forever.

The Passage was an epic story that I don’t think I was totally prepared for. But that’s one of the things I love most about reading. Going blindly into a book, being captivated by the story, and anticipating each turn of the page. Now I can’t say that I anticipated turning EVERY page in this book. The Passage was like an emotional rollercoaster for me. It pulled me in with a compelling setup, missions to exotic jungles, human test subjects… defeating death. It’s all quite intriguing but after the first ‘climax’ it felt as if I’ve started a totally new book.

The Colony was such an awesome concept. Cronin really built a beautifully structured community that harbored survivors from the dangers of this ‘new world’. Unfortunately, this part of the book became rather slow for me. I felt thrown into a different storyline and I didn’t feel connected to any of the new characters. Nevertheless, I was well invested into the story and kept powering through. Cronin does end up developing the characters quite well, and as another major turn of events occur the story takes a turn down a new path. You quickly become invested in this quest our protagonists embark on and that’s when the story truly blossoms.

Overall I picked up on some dystopian vibes, very reminiscent of The Stand. The unique vampire story really kept things going for me. I loved Amy, Wolgast, and their relationship; and of course Sister Lacey. The characters I was reluctant on accepting, I ended up falling hard for. Peter, Alicia, Maus, Caleb… I loved them all! The relationships became so meaningful and their group quickly become a family. I only wish that the middle of the book was as action-packed and exciting as the ending. Cronin has a beautiful writing style. His fresh take on a vampire apocalypse is hard not to love. I had to give it 4 stars because of how disinterested I felt being thrown into The Colony after the epic events of the previous chapters. Overall the story was AMAZING and I absolutely loved it. The ending was definitely a cliffhanger and I can not wait until my copy of The Twelve comes in. About halfway through this book, I didn’t see myself wanting to continue the series. But now I couldn’t be more excited to continue!

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