April wrap-up & my TBR

It’s time for my first of many Monthly Wrap-up posts!!

April felt like a slow month for me in terms of my literary goals. I read 4 books, which is a pretty good amount. Two out of four of my books this month were also re-reads, so even though I read a good amount I felt like I was lacking on new material. I am striving to read a bit more because I feel like the stack of books I want to read tower over the books that I am actually getting through.

I have to give myself credit though, The Passage was a near 800-page beast that I read through in 3 weeks. And I did that all while continuing my second journey to The Dark Tower, which included 2 books from the series, comprising a total of around 950 pages! So I guess all that plus Bird Box (which was AMAZING!) makes for a pretty darn good reading month!

SO, let’s check out this heavy stack of books my Fiancé was kind enough to hold for me while I tried to snap a decent picture!


Here’s a quick look at this month’s books! Keep in mind you can always check out the full reviews on my earlier posts.

The Passage by Justin Cronin

This was a great vampire story! The beginning reminded me of Stephen King’s The Stand, and it was a lot of fun to read. It was unique so I didn’t feel like this was another cliché vampire book. It definitely got a bit slow in the middle, which resulted in its 4-star review. But the end kicked serious ass and I loved it! Can’t wait to get the sequel.

The Drawing of the Three: Dark Tower II by Stephen King

The second installment in the series, and an excellent one at that. A huge change of pace from the first book in terms of the writing and the general vibe. We meet more of the main characters and King develops them beautifully. It was very enjoyable the second time around and I also realized how confusing some parts can be to a first time reader of the series.

The Wastelands: Dark Tower III by Stephen King

I quickly jumped right into the next Dark Tower novel! This is where the path to the Tower is found and the bulk of the journey really begins. The ‘Ka-Tet’ is complete and they start to encounter others along their journey, friend and enemy alike. Their relationships grow stronger as they face adversities and the ending is a cliffhanger for the record books! I have NO idea how Constant Readers lasted so long during the initial release of the series.

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

This was a psychological thrill ride through the life of a mother that must survive in a horrific post-apocalyptic world. We follow Malorie through the onset of an invasion of mysterious creatures that drive you violently mad by just looking at them. It’s a suspenseful book that jumps between a current timeline of a desperate escape and the previous life of Malorie, and the years she survived with others. I read this in just a few days and could not put it down!! Highly recommended!

Well, before we know it…


And that means choosing new books from my never-ending TBR (to be read) pile. It’s easy to pick my first two… mostly because I’ve already started them! I will, of course, be continuing my re-read of The Dark Tower, and I have started my first Clive Barker book! I am reading Weaveworld right now and it will be my first book in May. I already can’t say enough about Barker and his outstanding skills as an author. And I haven’t even finished it yet!

I’m having a hard time picking out what to read after that, and I even talked about starting a TBR jar on my Instagram post today. I got the idea from my wonderful Bookstagram friends and I think its time I gave it a shot. It is getting harder and harder for me to decide whats going to be next. From subscription box books, re-reads, recommendations, and of course continuing to read all of King’s work. It’s a lot. But I love it!!

It’s satisfying knowing that I have all these amazing books to read. Plus, the excitement of picking a random book from a jar seems pretty fun. I was even thinking of creating multiple jars for different TBR categories. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, or if I should just throw the TBR jar out the window! 😉 ♥


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