Book Review: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

“To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever.”



I am so happy to finally be reading Harry Potter. Loving the first few movies as a kid, I am so shocked I never felt the urge to read the books. Nevertheless, I am here, and with a relatively fresh mind. I don’t know much past the first few movies. I must say entering the Wizarding World through the illustrated editions by Jim Kay is just fantastic. And re-entering Harry’s world definitely brings back some childhood memories! So, we all know where the story starts. Poor Harry Potter living in the cupboard under the stairs, mistreated by the Dursleys, and naive to the fact that he’s a wizard. Despite the efforts of his Uncle, Harry finally receives his Hogwarts letter thanks to Hagrid, and off to Hogwarts, he goes!

It’s hard to review a book that is so well known and loved by many. Rowling begins creating this intricate wizarding world with the Sorcerer’s Stone and it definitely feels like a kids/YA novel with this first book. Yet, each book seems to get darker and darker (I am writing this review while I am reading the 4th book), and they seem to stray farther from the YA realm. But I am getting a little ahead of myself talking about the other books. It is so exciting reading the introduction to this epic world Rowling has created. Learning about Hogwarts and the inner workings of this hidden magical world is enticing and even nostalgic for me, being that I did see the first few movies upon their release.

As the basic structure of Hogwarts and Harry’s new life is set, we begin Harry, Hermoine, and Ron’s first adventure at Hogwarts. They are after the Sorcerer’s Stone and racing to beat who they think is Snape. They want to retrieve it before he could use it to aid The Dark Lord Voldemort in returning to power and to take revenge on Harry. The ending of the book is quite exciting as they face magical challenges to reach the stone, all while using skills they have learned in their first year. As Harry comes out triumphant in the end, the book takes an emotional turn as Dumbledore and Hagrid share some heartfelt moments with Harry.

This fun-filled, adventurous, and even emotional book is a real masterpiece when it comes to books geared towards a younger audience. It’s a complex world with exciting adventures that teach the reader about friendship while instilling great morals. The ending of Harry’s first year at Hogwarts only sets the stage and excites the reader for the next 6 years of Harry’s journey. I only wish I read these books sooner!


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