Balancing Life, Reading, and Blogging

We can do it all, right?

We set high expectations for ourselves to accomplish all the goals we set, and sometimes we get down on ourselves if we can’t fit it all it in. I think its possible to balance it all. It just takes practice, trial, and error. Have I been balancing it all like a champ? Heck no. I am really trying to get it together and be able to say that I am, and it’s a huge reason why I’m writing this post. I felt like I wanted to talk more about my reading habits and give tips on how to maximize your reading time and potential. Hopefully, you can take something from this post to enhance your reading life. I am hoping this will help me outline my methods and help to keep myself accountable and consistent with my plan.

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Reading is such a huge part of my life that everyone around me knows I am constantly looking to get a few pages in. A lot of my friends and colleagues ask me how I do it. They want to know how I can read multiple books a month and they can hardly seem to finish a single book in a month. Most people say that they never have enough time to read. They work too much, their kids never allow them the alone time to read, or they simply fall asleep after the first few pages. These are all totally valid excuses, and while I have no kids, I still fall victim to the other excuses. Sometimes my work day is so busy that I don’t get to read at all, and there are plenty of times I fall asleep shortly after picking up my book. It’s all about working around these obstacles and finding other mediums to get your reading done.

The three ways I read my books are as follows:

  • Good ‘old-fashioned’ reading with a physical copy
  • Audiobooks through Audible or Libby
  • E-books that I have on a Kindle or my phone

These extra mediums of reading can get a little pricey but there is a cheaper route available if you’re willing to put in a little extra work. To get started with an Audible account, it can run you about $15 a month. You can choose to buy a Kindle, which is easy to read on but they can get a little pricey. The cheaper option would be to use Libby, which requires you to have a local library card and you can rent out audiobooks just like you would at the library. You could also just download the Kindle app on your phone and read off of that instead of spending the money on another device.

Once you’re equipped with whatever your preference may be, the next step is to figure out how you’re going to take advantage of these new tools. Without having to read a physical copy of a book, you’ll find more time to fit in reading. For example, I listen to an audiobook on my way to and from work, and even in the shower, I must admit. I never realized how much of a book I could get through just while listening during a mindless task. I also always try to have my kindle with me or e-book on my phone. Just by reading during my lunch breaks at work or while waiting for a doctors appointment, it helps me accomplish my reading goals!

So try out even just one of these methods I have discussed and I think you’ll be surprised with how much more reading you will be getting done. I also like to set time limits for myself during free time. I’ll set aside a couple of hours for reading or an hour for blogging. I find that setting times for myself still allows me to get done everything I’m planning without feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully, you’ve picked up some tips to help increase your reading, and thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you’ll stick around and follow my blog for more bookish posts and reviews.

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