Book Review: Carrie

“True sorrow is as rare as true love.”

Carrie is King’s first published novel, and it may just be one of his most well-known. I remember seeing the original Carrie movie when I was quite young, so I went into the book with a good idea of the premise. Mostly everyone knows that the book is about a teenage girl being bullied, especially when she gets her first period in the school locker room shower. Even if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, most people know that Carrie was bullied and that she also had telekinetic powers which lead to an outburst after the famous prom night scene. I usually hate going into a book knowing as much as I did but I luckily didn’t remember too many details from the movie, and learning about the strength of her ability early on in the novel definitely captured my attention.

Not only was it her supernatural abilities that pulled me in but the locker room shower scene, in the beginning, made my heart ache for poor Carrie White. The infamous “plug it up” scene was so sad. I couldn’t help but start thinking how crazy it is that bullying is still such a problem in our society today four decades later. As the novel continues it is revealed just how powerful Carrie’s ability is, and that she attempts to control her power as she struggles with the suppressive lifestyle that her extremely religious mother forces her to live. I didn’t remember much of Carrie’s relationship with her mother from the movie, and that dynamic was really interesting to read. It’s clear to see Carrie’s bullying at school is ultimately due to her mother’s ridiculous beliefs and expectations.

The events at the beginning of the novel put in motion a series of events that leads Carrie to be crowned Prom Queen that year, and the shocking events that happen afterward. There was a bit of a drag for me in the middle but it wasn’t too bad as the book itself is rather short, and a quick read. The writing is formatted with excerpts from journals, interviews, and scientific papers on what happened. It was a fun way to read the story and I loved the scientific aspect King brought into it. While things came to a close rather quickly, I really enjoyed the ending! This was a great debut for King, proven so through the test of time. This remains one of King’s most popular books with more than one movie adaptation. A must read for any King or horror fan!

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