Book Review: Booth

“Some monsters are born evil while others are created.”

I’m super thankful that Jason Pellegrini sent me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review! This was actually the first book that I’ve finished this year, and it definitely set off my year with an amazing start. About 100 pages into this book, I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it. But as it continued, it really captured my interest and I was hooked! The story begins with Joseph Bateman waking up on the day of his execution. We know he has been sentenced to death and we get to reflect back on his life and the choices he made that lead him to his ultimate demise. Pellegrini does an outstanding job of bringing his characters to life, and no one felt underdeveloped. As the hard life of Joseph Bateman unfolds you really feel for him, and some of the people in his life. Each person in Joseph’s life was quite different and had a profound impact on him and the person he becomes.

The first half of the book is really all about analyzing Joseph’s life and his choices. Most of all, how Alexandra Casings had the biggest impact on the person that he became. As the day finally approaches for Joseph Bateman to ride the lighting, something occurs and Joseph’s soul is transported back in time and into the body of a man that had a massive impact on American history. He realizes he has come back to change history, and gain redemption for his eternal soul. This was really the part of the book that I was looking forward to the most when I read the synopsis. Initially, I was slightly perturbed that I had to read through half the book to get there. However, the development of Joseph and Alex’s relationship and their life together was excellent and very necessary. Joseph had a HARD life, and there will definitely be triggers in there for abuse/rape. It’s a tool that Pellegrini uses a lot in this book, and it really packs a punch but be forewarned that NO details are spared.

Everything that happened in the first half of the book was so essential to the redemption Joseph seeks, and how everything plays out. The chain of events is very thought out and everything comes full circle. I loved the concept of traveling back through time and the perspective Pellegrini utilizes on the human soul. It is very compelling and it adds an awesome element to the story. The ending was perfect, really. There is great closure to the entire story and things get very emotional. While the endings are different in a lot of ways, it reminded me somewhat of how things end in 11/22/63, which is my favorite King book. So I personally really enjoyed that! This was a great story about love, sacrifice, and redemption. I can see this story sticking with me for a while, and it makes me very appreciative for the life I have. I would recommend this to a wide range of readers, not just fans of horror or historical fiction. Absolutely a 5 star read, and I’m looking forward to picking up another book by Jason Pellegrini!

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