Book Review: Gerald’s Game

“Some nightmares never completely ended.”

Gerald’s Game. Ahh, what do I even say about this book… I didn’t HATE it but I was hardly a fan of it. Sure, the concept is terrifying. Sex game, gone wrong. Poor Jessie, handcuffed to the bed while her husband lay dead on the floor. As Jessie is cuffed to the bed she fights through many gruesome situations both real and in her head. I can totally see how this kind of book can be suspenseful and scary to most readers. But it just did not do it for me. Part of the blame I must put on myself. I did watch the movie before I read the book. By doing this, I broke one of my own bookish codes. This is the exact reason I always rather read the book first. While the book and movie are not exactly the same, as with any movie adaption, the main plot points were still there and most of the book felt boring as I knew what would happen. I felt like I was just waiting for King to hurry up and get to the point.

As I said before, I really did like the concept of the book. I also liked how King utilized Jessie’s physical situation to force her to overcome the problems of her past that affected her mind her whole life. Not only was she forced to overcome her physical battle with freeing herself from the handcuffs but she was also forced to face the trauma from her childhood, the sexual abuse she never really coped with. A lot of the book is filled with flashbacks of Jessie’s childhood and the very detailed descriptions of the sexual abuse dealt by her father. I would definitely be aware of triggers for anyone that might have dealt with a similar situation. I know this could really hit home for some readers but who knows, maybe they can take a thing or two from how Jessie overcomes her internal struggle. For me, some of it was just too dragged out and uncomfortable.

So, Gerald’s Game, I think I have to resort to the famous “It’s not you, it’s me” line and throw this book back on my King shelf and probably never pick it up again.  Don’t get me wrong though. Just because I have been talking some smack and only giving it 3 stars, that doesn’t mean I think its a horrible book. I love King, and I understand that I won’t love every single one of his books. This definitely has some powerful themes in it, and I know many people love this book! So don’t be afraid to pick it up, just don’t watch the movie first. 😉

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