Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

“We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, Harry, but battle on.”

*Featuring for the first time ever on my blog, Regan – my husky pup!*

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has to be one of the most well written Harry Potter books! I absolutely LOVED it. Definitely my favorite book of the series! It starts strong, as we see the wizarding world facing many changes. Cornelius Fudge has stepped down from his position as Minister, Snape has connected with the Dark Lord again, and Harry fears Malfoy has connections with the Dark Lord and is planning something evil. Nevertheless, as Harry returns to school he continues to prepare for his ultimate fate of facing Voldemort. He begins having private lessons with Dumbledore, in which Harry learns the dark past of Tom Riddle.

The plot of this book is so exciting because the story is finally building up to the inevitable climax of Harry vs. Voldemort. I love the characterization of Tom Riddle, seeing his dark beginnings, and his progression into the dark arts is fascinating. Every time Harry got a letter for a lesson with Dumbledore, I got SO excited. Our beloved Hogwarts students are growing out of their awkward stages, and they’re starting to form more serious romantic relationships. It’s a bit more bearable this time around but things get pretty scary when a love potion falls into the wrong hands… Harry and the gang go through a lot this book but they also gain a lot of useful skills. It’s bittersweet because I know their Wizarding education is coming to an end.

The last two books in the series are known to be the darkest, and it’s pretty awesome, at first… Reading about the dark magic was really interesting, and the dangerous adventures at the end make for some of the best chapters in the whole series! However, the book does end with something that absolutely crushes my heart… It leaves me devastated, and questioning my feelings about many different characters. All in all, the events of this book make it one of the most exciting, page-turning adventures that I’ve had yet during my time at Hogwarts. I can’t believe the Deathly Hallows is next. I don’t think I’m ready for what happens!! Reading this series has been an amazing journey so far!

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